Edsel Ford (1894-1943)

Edsel Ford developed a passion for art at a very early age. His father, Henry Ford, encouraged that passion, building Edsel a private art studio above the garage of Edsel’s childhood home in Detroit, MI.

It was from that studio, that Edsel began his automotive drawings — the beginning of what would eventually become a tremendous asset to The Ford Motor Company, as Edsel later  introduced the Model A, Mercury and Continental automobiles, reflecting his design genius.

Edsel Ford held the position of president of The Ford Motor Company from 1919, to his untimely passing at age 49, in 1943. To this day, Edsel remains the longest running president in the history of The Ford Motor Company.

After Edsel’s passing, The Ford Motor Company released the “Edsel” automobile, as a tribute to his many contributions to the company and to the public.


At A Glimpse 

· Edsel Ford was the son of the “Man of the Millennium”, Henry Ford.

· Helped design & introduced the Mercury and Continental automobiles.

· President of The Ford Motor Company from 1919-1943.

· Chairman of the Detroit Institute of Arts and a founding patron of the New York Museum of Modern Art.

· Supporter of Charles Lindbergh’s famous transatlantic flight, and Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s north & south pole flights.

· November 6, 1893: Edsel Bryant Ford was born.

· August 1, 1916: Edsel Ford married Eleanor Lowthian Clay.

· January 1, 1919: Edsel Ford became president of Ford Motor Company.

· September 17, 1919: Henry & Edsel became sole owners of Ford Motor Company.

· May 26, 1943: Edsel Ford died.




A visit is literally a “day in the park”

Becoming A Best Friend


Everyone needs time to help their kids with their homework, and time to cheer them on at their school events, and time to help their parents, and pick up groceries, tackle home repairs, and on and on... So we know it’s not easy to find time for more projects. We know, because we have the same busy schedules!  


So why do we bother making time for an endeavor such as this?


As Friends, each of us has varied interests in the project—one might   be fascinated in the history, while another enjoys swinging a hammer, and so on... But the one thing we all have in common, is knowing that our success will lead to one of the best things we could ever give to our kids. We share in a desire to offer a truly rewarding experience, where quality time and memories will be unlimited—not just for Friends, but for anyone of any age!


We’re not a private operation looking for a handout, but instead a growing community of people just like you, working together to bring out the best in one of our state parks. It’s that simple. So there are no outsiders here. No “us and you”. Just Michigan residents who care about Michigan, and don't want to miss out on this once-in- a-lifetime opportunity!


For those reasons, we would like YOU to make time to become a Friend, too! It’s easy to do. And there are many opportunities  available to match any schedule.


How can you become a Friend? There are three primary options.


1. Workdays

2. Contributions

3. Promotions

Curriculum-related Education


Hands-on education is incorporated into every phase!


1. Rehabilitation = local trades programs

2. Vision = options for all grade levels

3. Field Trips = support of all grade levels

4. Arts & Events = options for all grade levels


Oakland Community College (OCC) is one of many Friends participating in the Rehabilitation Phase, due to the  vast educational experiences obtainable. OCC is also reviewing the potential for various “green” projects.


Such trades programs will also assist in bringing the Vision Phase to life, i.e. the construction of observation decks. Grade Schools will partake in the creation of kiosks, marketing, and other activities.


Field trips will cover the natural history dating back to the Wisconsin Glacier, as well as the Ford family and Haven Hill Estate history. Materials such as activity books will be provided to continue the education when returning to school. In short, field trips will provide a truly unique outdoor experience—a world beyond that of “screens”.


Through school programs and community  organizations such as the Huron Valley Council for the Arts, students of all grade levels will also be able to participate in display activities and other educational projects & events.


Friends Of Highland Recreation Area