A visit is literally a “day in the park”

Edsel Ford Barn Debris Dismantle and Sort: On Barn work days we will continue our green approach of salvaging the debris pile located on the south side of the Edsel Ford Barn. We will sort reusable materials and build up nested piles for specific types of materials (cedar shake shingles; metal window frames, asphalt shingle pieces, glass, etc.)


Haven Hill Gate House Grounds-Clearing and Tarping: On Gate House works days we will clean up the grounds and cover the roof with tarps. This is to eliminate further intrusion of water from spring storms and part of the first major focus of FOHRA to analyze the condition of this building.


2013 Calendar of Events of Interest

Text Box: August
08-07-13 Scheduled FOHRA Group Meeting 7:00 PM
08-09-13 Milford Memories Milford Historical Society Booth
08-10-13 Milford Memories Milford Historical Society Booth
08-11-13 Milford Memories Milford Historical Society Booth
08-11-13 Scheduled FOHRA Work Bee Day 9:00 AM
08-24-13 Haven Hill Festival 10:00 ~ 3:00 Ball Game @ 1:00
08-25-13 NO Scheduled FOHRA Work Bee Day 

09-04-13 Scheduled FOHRA Group Meeting 7:00 PM
09-08-13 Scheduled FOHRA Work Bee Day 9:00 AM
09-22-13 Scheduled FOHRA Work Bee Day 9:00 AM
09-29-13 Art on the Hill - Haven Hill Road

10-02-13 Scheduled FOHRA Group Meeting 7:00 PM
10-13-13 Scheduled FOHRA Work Bee Day 9:00 AM
10-27-13 Scheduled FOHRA Work Bee Day 9:00 AM



One of our favorite experiences are the workdays, because they give everyone a chance to make new friends—literally! Caring friends. Just plain down-to-earth good people!


And, workdays are a great way to “network”, because you can show your skills and work ethics in the course of making new friends! At the same time, you can also gain a few skills!


If workdays sound appealing, we have scheduled workdays the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month from 9:00 am to approximately 4:00 pm. You can join in any workday for any length of time!






Monetary contributions of any amount are always welcome  and needed! Membership forms

can be printed below.


$10.00 Rafter Rulers can be purchased (other gift items will be available soon -from hats

to barn bird houses!).




For something fun, attend our events - all proceeds revert back into the project! Just

visit our calendar! page for a look at our calendar of events.




Promotion is critical to our success, too! Here are a few of the many ways you can help:


· Schedule a time with us to conduct a presentation for your place of business, school, church, or other activity

· Provide booth space at your next organizational event

· Spread the word—refer family and friends to our website

· Add yourself to our FOHRA E-newsletter list and forward our emails to family and friends

· Display our info at your place of business

Text Box: NOTE: In the event of a bad weather day, call us at: (248) 787-1750 to check about “weather” or not we’re working!

What you’ll need for grounds-related work:


· Gloves

· Dust mask (optional)

· Eye protection (optional)

· Rake

· Lopper (optional)

· Protection from insects and poison ivy

What you’ll need for construction-related work:


· Hard Hat - we can supply some

· Eye protection

· Gloves (optional)

· Work boots

· Dust mask

· Hammer

Bottled water is provided, but you may also bring any non-alcohol beverage you prefer.


You will be required to log your work hours with FOHRA and complete an annual state park waiver (provided) allowing you to conduct work  within the park. All workday participants are insured by FOHRA.


Please feel free to email us while you’re here, for more workday details and opportunities! info@friendsofhighlandrec.org



Contributions are equally needed, with a partial list shown here.




· Lumber—from plywood, to studs and beams

· Shingles & other roofing materials

· Windows

· Drywall

· Concrete & Mortar

· Cedar Shakes

· Paint

· Furnishings

· Office equipment

· A/V equipment for on-site presentations

· Kitchen appliances

· Benches & tables



· Contractors of all types

· Graphics & Printing

· Workday food preparation

· Historical research

· Grant Writer

Friends Of Highland Recreation Area