When Eleanor Ford sold the estate to the state of Michigan in 1946, the lodge became a conference center.

In 1972, it was converted into an Environmental Learning Center, serving school groups until 1980, when it was finally boarded up.

With the assistance of Oakland County Planning & Economic Development, plans are being created to offer a variety of informational kiosks around the footprint of the lodge.

A visit is literally a “day in the park”

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The lodge served as the Edsel Ford family residence until completion of their Grosse Pointe home in 1930.

It then served as the residence for what Edsel nicknamed, his “Nerve Retreat”.

At approximately 6,900 square feet, the lodge was built at the top of Haven Hill. Its design flowed with the contour of Haven Hill, to preserve its natural integrity.

Constructed of cedar logs brought down from the Ford timber holdings in Michigan’s upper peninsula, the lodge consisted of six primary bedrooms, a 50 foot hall, main dining area and lounge, and six Vermont Stone fireplaces.

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At an elevation of 1,132 feet, spectacular views can be

enjoyed during fall and winter months!

On January 21, 1999, the lodge was completely destroyed by fire, with only its concrete footprint and one fireplace remaining.

Lodge Footprint

Edsel Ford Lodge

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