A visit is literally a “day in the park”

After what was considered a normal scheduled Work Bee session on June 8th, 2008 the volunteers from the Friends of Highland Recreation Area (FOHRA) cleaned up and called it a day. Soon afterward a severe storm raged through the area. We are now faced with what remains of the Edsel Ford Sheep Barn. Nearly 3/4 of the Barns original 15,000 square foot was destroyed by high winds. We had hopes of replacing the barn roof, with additional restoration to follow. Once the storm had passed we, along with the DNR, assessed the situation. An engineer from the State of Michigan reported that the storm had left the remnants of the barn unsafe. The Friends group had an engineer evaluate the structure and has determined that the building was feasible for repair. We are currently working with the state DNR to develop a solution to resume our efforts to salvage what remains of the barn today.  Until a solution is determined, the FOHRA have changed our focus to address other structures that remain in the Haven Hill area. We have worked with the DNR to secure the current site until a resolution is reached.


Our vision is to secure the site, and salvage the remaining structure to include a pavilion added on to the portion of the barn that still remains. The pavilion would run the entire length of the cement slab to extend to its original length. We would hope to use this site as a means to accommodate groups that visit the park. Some activities could include using the site as a Hub for the Trail Systems that traverse throughout Oakland County, as well as other group activities.





















The Friends of Highland Recreation Area is a group of concerned citizens and organizations working to renovate the remaining Haven Hill structures, beginning with this barn. The first phase of this rescue is the Haven Hill’s Edsel Ford Barn. Built in the early 1930’s this barn is one of three remaining structures from the Haven Hill Estate. This barn is in immediate need of rescue, and we can’t do it alone - we need your help today. Spanning Highland and White Lake townships, few historic attractions in the United States offer the combined level of history and natural beauty of Haven Hill.


But unless we act now, it won’t be anything more than a paragraph in a local paper.


So we encourage you to join our growing list of support and ongoing exploration of this

fascinating property, by simply getting involved


Photo’s of the Edsel Ford Barn Prior to the damage that occurred on June 8th, 2008

Edsel Ford Barn

Friends Of Highland Recreation Area